The UUM Research Institute for Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore (UUM-ITS) is an excellent research center that explores various aspects of dynamism and change in the political, economic social, security and culture of three countries; Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. The institute has two main research unit; the Border Studies and Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies Unit.


In order to achieve its goals, the UUM-ITS is carrying out a wide range of research programs, conferences, workshop, lectures and seminar, newsletter and periodically online commentary series. The institute has an extensive regional network in the thrust areas of research to carry out cooperation with local and foreign research institutes, especially with the three countries involved.


The First International Conference Asian Border Studies (ABoSC 2020) is organized in collaboration with universities from Thailand and Indonesia: Prince of Songkhla University (PSU Surat Thani Campus, Thailand), Institut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri (IPDN Bandung, Indonesia), Universitas Krisnadwipayana (UNKRIS Jakarta, Indonesia), and Universitas Pasundan Bandung (UNPAS, Bandung, Indonesia).


This conference provides a network for the academic researchers to meet, discuss, changing their views and ideas for handling current issues involving management, economic and society in Asia in this globalization and borderless era.


I, therefore, welcome researchers, practitioners, and research institutions to participate in the Conference. I look forward to welcoming you to 1st ABoSC 2020.